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Barksdale products for automation

Regardless of the field or sector concerned, any automation can be tracked as entry, transfer and interpretation of signals. Barksdale Company designs and manufactures the required components and systems – from the standard sensor to the electronic control, for almost any application.

Products of the highest-level quality

We are well aware of the problems and tasks faced by our clients, and we are always ready to help the customers through our wide-ranging and specialized knowledge that has turned the name of Barksdale into a synonym of competence and quality in the fields of mechanical and electronic control of liquid and gas media. Our mission and obligation consists in designing products which have a high degree of functional safety in their everyday utilization.

Whether in the field of mechanical measurement and control, or in the field of electronic measurement and control, Barksdale products are characterized by their high level of quality and reliability.

Situated in Germany, Barksdale Company has been developing comprehensive, future-oriented decisions for more than 30 years now. The name of the Company connotes the creation of products of well-proven quality and a high level of functional safety.

We have at our disposal a globally structured sales network, and we are capable of offering advice as regards our innovative products for measuring pressure, level, flow and temperature.

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