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GRADALL is an American company which is the first one to create a completely hydraulic excavator in the year 1941. Currently, the GRADALL machines are known for being extremely reliable assistants in a number of specialized activities and industrial working processes – demolition, irrigation and drainage, highway construction and roadside maintenance, railway maintenance and storm cleanup. These telescopic hydraulic excavators are indispensable in metallurgy, where they are used for pot cleaning and furnace maintenance, as well as in ore mining where they are used for cleaning the space under belt transporters and for performing digging works in closed mine galleries.

RHEA MP GMBH is a representative of the Company and offers the whole product range of GRADALL:

  • Excavators for metallurgy and ore mining
  • Excavators for civil engineering
  • Attachments and accessories

Since the Company’s establishment in the year 1940, more than 15000 telescopic excavators bearing GRADALL’s logo have been sold all over the world. The number of employees involved in the manufacture of these legendary machines exceeds 1000. The headquarters of the Company are situated in New Philadelphia / Ohio (USA).

Telescopic hydraulic excavators

The hydraulic excavators offered by Gradall are unique as regards the multitude of their functions, and they occupy a leading position in the field of industrial and construction machinery. It is the exceptional mobility and power of these excavators that makes them appropriate for being applied in the fields of construction, industry, water supply and sewerage systems.

Hydraulic excavators Hydraulic excavators

The hydraulic excavators with their 360° rotation boom – only Gradall has such a boom – are extremely appropriate for digging and demolition works, grading, stockpiling and sloping.
Depending on the model, the boom can be more than 15 metres in length, and its low working profile allows carrying out repair works under bridges and other road structures that are out of reach for an ordinary boom.

Industrial machines Industrial machines

Gradall machines used in industry are designed for operation in metallurgical plants and mines. The unique telescopic boom with its 360° rotation provides the opportunity for carrying out works in places that are difficult of access and, owing to the built-in hydraulics, the machine is automatically set to the most appropriate regime. The control appliances in the operator’s cab ensure the long-term operation of Gradall machines.

There is a possibility of delivering both new and recycled machines with additional attachments of various types and functions, by way of an individual order which is consistent with the needs of the client. All these machines have successfully undergone the tests and the practical trials carried out in the manufacturing plant and under working conditions, and they conform to the world’s quality standards.

Gradall Excavators Gradall Excavators Gradall Excavators

Cleaning of narrow
and deep spaces

Hydraulic hammer

Canal cleaning

Gradall Excavators Gradall Excavators Gradall Excavators

Maintenance of a metallurgical

Construction works

Pavement removal

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