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MAHLE is a leading German manufacturer of filters and filter equipment. RHEA MP GMBH offers the whole product range of industrial filtration, which includes:

  • Spare filter elements for every make of filter
  • Automatic self cleaning filters
  • Equipment for analysis and maintenance of hydraulic fluids cleanliness
  • Equipment for filtration of coolant in machine tools
  • Filters-dust collectors and filter elements for them
  • Filters for industrial components cleaning
  • Water separators
  • Coalescent filters
  • Filters for drinking water
  • Filters for process technology

MAHLE Group was established in Stuttgart in the year 1920. The plant for industrial filters in Öhringen starts operating in the year 1962. With its 49 262 employees, in 2008 the Group realized sales at the amount of EUR 5,014 billion.

MAHLE hydraulic filters

As early as the 1960s MAHLE started its activity in the field of filtration of hydraulic fluids and lubricants. The superior technical expertise and excellent product quality have made the Company one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filter systems, equipment and accessories for fluid technology.

The product range covers filters for high pressure and low pressure, duplex filters, bypass filters, return-line filters, suction filters, breather filters and highly efficient filter elements in standard versions as per the industrial norm DIN 24550. Besides, MAHLE also manufactures accessories, and service and laboratory equipment for hydraulic fluids and lubricants.

The constant development of materials and production technology results in products of the highest quality, which possess optimum economic and technical advantages. That is why MAHLE industrial filters for hydraulic fluids and lubricants are the products of choice for the users of mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment alike.

Requirements for the hydraulic filters

Highly efficient filtration is a basic requisite for the proper functioning of the highly sensitive hydraulic circuits. Solid and liquid contaminants are the cause of abrasion, wear and corrosion of components, and have their negative effect upon the physical and chemical properties of hydraulic fluids. The performance of filter elements determines the degree of cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid. As the components of the hydraulic systems get more and more sensitive to contamination, it becomes ever more important that the prescribed cleanliness classes should be strictly observed. The appropriate and highly efficient filter material is of paramount importance. The multilayer structure of MAHLE filter elements makes them appropriate for a wide range of applications and allows a high level of contamination retention. The filtration efficiency of the elements remains constant even under increasing differential pressure, providing maximum protection even under pulsating loads. The long filter service life in combination with low flow resistance ensures optimum economy of use. MAHLE indicators of filter element contamination make service simple and allow the utilization of the full contamination retention capacity of the filter elements.

Systems competence

The large amount of information, facts and parameters relating to hydraulic systems turns the optimum design of a filter into a task which is difficult from both technical and economic points of view. Such complexity can be effectively dealt with only by an experienced specialist.

With its many years of experience in fluid technology and as an innovative and reliable partner of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic systems and equipment, MAHLE Industrial Filtration is your competent systems partner in all matters relating to the filtration of hydraulic fluids.

Proven and reliable hydraulic filters from MAHLE Industrial Filtration ensure trouble-free and economical operation of countless machines and systems all over the world.

Dust collectors

Years of experience with star-pleated filter cartridges form the basis of MAHLE filters design, which are intended for numerous and various applications. The areas of application include aspiration for pneumatic transport, ventilation, mixer and mill filters, central equipment and workstation extraction systems, and extraction in bagging and packaging systems. High-quality filter material in combination with a cleaning system tuned to the filter cartridges form the foundation of our dust collection solutions.

Reliable dust removal requires that all components should be precisely tuned to one another. Since dust properties can vary a great deal and depend on a number of parameters, such as dust fineness, volume density, adhesion and agglomeration properties, moisture, etc., they are difficult to estimate theoretically. That is why the technical experiments and practical experience of MAHLE are crucial to designing and testing the functional concepts concerning the development of reliable dust collection systems.

MAHLE dust collection systems are distinguished by their compact design, minimum consumption of energy, long operating life and low level of noise. The dust collector should not take up too much space, especially in cases of interior installations. By way of using star-pleated filter cartridges, even a very large filter surface can be placed within very small space. For the purpose of improving the capacity and the flow ratio, MAHLE specialists have also developed conical cartridge filters.

Non-stop operation with MAHLE automatic filters

In order for them to remain competitive, the companies have to use all the available potential for raising their productivity. For this reason, production processes are increasingly being automated. The capacity of machines and plants should be utilized in full. However, incessant operation 24H round the clock is possible only if all the requirements are fulfilled, including those regarding the working fluids. The latter must be constantly treated and regenerated. Furthermore, maintenance and disposal activities should not interfere with or interrupt the operation of the plant. The filtering of liquids, pastes, and similar materials with automatic filter systems is becoming increasingly popular in industry because it ensures economical running of production processes with no downtime. MAHLE automatic filters have an extremely wide scope of application as a result of the advantage of non-stop operation, which eliminates the need for additional activities relating to maintenance and disposal of the filter elements and contaminants.

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