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RHEA MP GMBH is a leading supplier of hydraulic systems and equipment for control and automation of industrial processes. RHEA MP GMBH is a representative of companies which are leaders in their fields and enjoy impeccable reputation. As a partner of Eaton Corporation, Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik, Mahle Industrial Filtration, Bolenz & Schäfer, EPE Italiana, Universal Hydraulik, Pister, EMG Automation, Gradall, Rotork Remote Control and Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik, we offer an extremely large spectrum of products which provide reliability in working processes.

It does not matter whether it is the manufacture of a small mechanical component or the flow of a sophisticated and costly metallurgical process that depends on us – we always approach it with a genuine sense of responsibility for each constituent element of our performance – from the analysis and design to the delivery, installation and maintenance of the industrial equipment. Our high-quality products and services form part of the production process and are highly valued by the specialists in all fields of industry. The hydraulic components and systems we offer and our equipment for working processes automation, and the laboratory appliances and apparatuses are used in ore mining, power industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil industries, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, metal processing, and machine building industry.

Our products and services include:
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